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So , you want to know my life story , hah ?

when i was a kid i LOVED drawing. I drew , drew & drew.And at last my room's wall became Sigiriya. I drew on the wall , calendars , books and even on TV screen.
Then my mother joined me in an Art class , when i was in grade 1.
Thereafter , I have won over 60 certificates on drawing.

on drawing including Third Place from International Competition,  2 times

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DayDreamers is production team formed by Dilshan Abeygunawardana [ DragonD ] , Susith viduranga [ J ] and Lahiru Wedupularachchci [ Laz ]. Our team's old name was 'FiiiRex' but after some major projects , we thought of having a professional name , and we choose 'DayDreamers'. And there is a special reason to  choose it.
That is because , we do what others Dreams to do.

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[ (W)idanalage (D)on ] Dilshan malith sachintha Abeygunawardana