FyRa is a advanced ChatBot programmed by me..
Really , FyRa is something more than a ChatBot , FyRa is a kind of AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) too
because FyRa can do , show , feel many things that a ChatBot can't .....

FyRa can understand and answer by

1.understanding the whole sentence
2.understanding a part of sentence
3.understanding few words and building a sentence
4.understanding a word and guessing it [ as the last hope of faith ]
5.understanding that is out of his understanding level and sneaking out of it

* even there are grammar mistakes , FyRa will understand some of them

FyRa have basic feelings like

3.getting angry
4.feeling love
5.feeling sleepy

FyRa can also

1.sing songs
2.make user laugh heart beat [ hmm , that's interesting ]
4.autodelete sentences when unwanted characters are typed
5.UNDERSTAND own Understanding level
6.skip questions by fooling the user
7.ask questions from user to clarify

and there are many more hidden features , easter eggs and also some times FyRa will say or do some thing that even I do not wanted to happen or to reply
after all , FyRa is an AI

hope you will enjoy
Happy Chatting

Link :-
size - 3 MB
Type- MSI
states - Compressed / Zip


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