So , you want to know my life story , hah ?

when i was a kid i LOVED drawing. I drew , drew & drew.And at last my room's wall became Sigiriya. I drew on the wall , calendars , books and even on TV screen.
Then my mother joined me in an Art class , when i was in grade 1.
Thereafter , I have won over 60 certificates on drawing.

on drawing including Third Place from International Competition,  2 times

 and 1st place in Sri Lanka Telecom's Cover Page art competition. Still if u have the Telecom's Directories , my drawing was on it.
I don't know exactly why but i stopped drawing in grade 7. I think , i stopped it because of computing.

Then I started computing. For few years I just played games and clicked every single pixel to check whats New.

Then , I found out about Programming.
I started with VB6. I started creating VB applications with the help of  a tutorial book
As I can still remember , in that tutorial book , it mentioned every one starts programming with "Hello World" app. So I just skipped that and started from another complicated application [ just typed codes that were on the book , i know nothing on VB6 back then ]. Then it was run and thought that I was a genius and for my second app , i programmed that silly "Hello World" app.

Then , i was into computing.
And then , I started to realize that if i want to be a Pro , I need internet. But , my parents said "NO" ! do you know what my mother said ? she said that They will not let me to use Internet until   I was 21 !
then , i said OK and told my mother lies on classes. I told that my good old English class teacher have decided to teach 1/2 more hours.And there i was , at an Internet cafe , downloading VB codes and projects.

Then , after about 1 year later , one "wise" teacher asked my mother to get a 1GB home internet package so that I can get more facts on Science.After few months , yes , At last I got my Universal Access to Unlimited Information Center.
Screw Science , I started downloading learning much more amazing things on computing. papers were filled with facts and hard drive was filled with softwares.

Then ,as I always wanted I wanted to do something big,something  that no one could do easily. Then i thought of programming an Artificial Intelligence , In VB6. some of you EXPERTS on computing may think , "What !!! An AI , in VB6 ?"
yep , an AI in VB6. After about 8 months of coding  , I finished my First Biggest Project. Then , i sent it to RAY and ROO digital Magazines. Wolah , Next month it was on them. I was thrilled , and the best part was the comments and feedbacks. I got so many calls , emails and sms saying , WOW ! , Keep Up , Brilliant Work , so on and soon !

From then , I got a Big decision on my life  , to dedicate my life to computing and become an EXPERT ! Still I want to be a Professor on Computing and teach others what I know , what I have learned.
And few months later  , my GRCT tool [Game's Requirement Checking tool] won's BestFreeWare award and Editor's Choice on [ I don't know why they gave an award for that , It was not even a good software  ]

Then I started developing my old AI , when it was 1-2 months to O\L exam , i was developing it few hours a day , very secretly , because i knew that if i was caught my mother would crush my computer and i would never get a one again. [ know what ? even just now , i'm writing this blog without knowing of my mother. She is thinking that i am studying ]

And for next Few years i started blogging , learning other programming languages and widening my knowledge on computing. I wrote a blog on blogging as my next Big Project [ BTE ], i spent about 5 months [ during my O\L vacation ] In my O\L vacation i spent about 16-18 hours in front on computer.

after O\L , as soon as A\L was started , I started computing more. At last , my life became just computing. I hated school work and loved computer science.
I joined Maths section [ for A\L ] because many sources told me that IT will become a MAIN subject as  Maths/Chem/Physics for Maths. They said that from my year there would be a section as IT.
and then after a few months , after applying for Maths , my 'sources' told me that it would be started from Next year.
So here I am , A big time A\L hater !

Then , I kicked my A\L books and started more and more self learning. I completed a CEH [ Certified Ethical Hacking ] Course ,  A Red Hat Certified Engineer Course and Network +.And i have done few crash courses in Java Scripting , HTML , C# and C++.  And I have done a CCNP course and a JAVA course  but i couldn't finish them [ because , my term test marks went Down and I had to focus on studies in order to stay at my class ! still I REALLY REALLY hate A\L Maths !! ].I am currently doing a Hacking Forensic Investigator course , bit by bit coz i don't have my time for these with my school work.
[ you may think this is a hell of a list and yes it is , but this is my hobby-my life , so not for me , i want more ]

And here I am with my Latest BIG time project , GAME developing.

Update - won Certificate of Appreciation from E-Swahimani , sri lanka's biggest IT competition which was held by Presidential Secretariat and ICTA.
 " 'Certificate of Appreciation' ? not interested ? Even Colombo Ride 2 of GTS won Certificate of Appreciation [there was only 2 certificates including mine at my category ] Gamcore become the winner , and only me and GTS company won Certificate of Appreciation. so , i think now you undertood how important this must be."

So , this is What I have Done and Story of my journey.

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